How do you check visitor stats on wordpress website?

hitsniffer analytics for wordpressHit sniffer has an easy option for you! you are just few clicks away from using Hit Sniffer


Step 1: Install Hit Sniffer’s WordPress plugin

Login to your wordpress admin and from Plugin submenu, click on Add New and type “Hit Sniffer” on search box and hit enter.
Find Hit Sniffer in results and click on Install.

If you have trouble installing plugin, You might want to use manual way: Go to Hit Sniffer plugin page in WordPress ( Click here ) and download plugin. unzip and copy to your wp-content/plugins folder via FTP. Here is complete guide on how to install a wordpress plugin.


Step 2.  Get you free Hit Sniffer trial Account

Register for a hitsniffer account and Add your website information in hit sniffer,  It will give you a WordPress API Code.
You can copy API code into Clipboard ( Highlight API code using your mouse and Right click on it and right click, then click on copy )


Step 3. Configure WordPress Plugin

Go back to wordpress admin, from Setting submenu click on Hit Sniffer,  Enter Hit Sniffer’s API code in API text box. ( you can paste your copied texts by right click on textbox and click paste ) and finally hit enter. Your Hit Sniffer Plugin is now Configured and Working. It will track all your visitors.


Step 4. Enjoy

Once it tracked some visitor for you ( you can view them live when they are on your site too ), Look at your hit sniffer dashboard or recent visitors page. It is show you full detail of your visitor’s os, browser, page they are looking at, the way they get into site ( Referral, search engine ) and much more.

It is up to you, you can keep hit sniffer open and watch your visitors in real time. or come back later, when it have tracked a good amount of visitors!

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