Hit Sniffer Realtime Goals and Campaigns

Hello, Finally we are there.
We got your requirement on this and now, it is there.
These feature is not available for Starter plans.

Here is Quick feature list:


  1. It is Real time!
  2. Can be triggered by Landing page or Referring domain. or a search query
  3. Wildcard supported for matching
  4. Campaigns are funnels for goals.
  5. Visitors who are attached to a campaign, will have a icon next to them in your visitor list.
  6. Track revenue and costs.
  7. Track ROI ( Reach over Investment )
  8. Track Reach Ratio


  1. Real time goal tracking
  2. Can use javascript to force a goal to be completed and customize the revenue value for an individual visitor.
  3. Visitors who have completed a goal, will have a icon next to them.
  4. Wild card supported for goal page.
  5. Goal can be triggered by page address, file download or clicking on external link.

by the way, we have made page URL  of Dashboard pages User Friendly to make it easier to look at them!
Features still coming…

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