New Features. Visitor Search, Improved Chat and New Graphs.

We have added a few new features. You can now search the full archive of previous visitors to your site. We have added enhanced graphs that can be saved as an image, PDF or printed.

Searching The Visitors Archive

Go to your recent visitors pages in the dashboard and you will see a new button on the top left of the screen. Click it to select parameters to search. You can search using many different parameters which will be presented to you in drop down menus.


Single Day Support for Date Range Selector

You can choose a single day on date range selector to access your visitors archive now.


Improved Tracking Code

The tracking coding has been improved. It can now detect even more mobile devices and it sorts the returning visitors accurately.


New Theme for Live Chat Notification.

Your message will be shown in conversation invite with a site visitor.


Enhanced Graphs

The new graph in the top left of your dashboard allows you to compare your current website statistics to last weeks at a glance. Print, save and zoom graphs.

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