How to Get New Visitors Audible Notification?

audible and message notification of new visitorsHit Sniffer’s Audible Notification is ready!

We have now added yet another new feature at the request of our clients. You can now set your dashboard to provide an audible notification to alert you when a new visitor arrives on your site. The current audible notification covers all pages on your site, however we will be working to tailor this so that you can set it just for conversion/sales pages.

In Additional, you could only get notification messages on your desktop on Google Chrome browser only, we have added notification message support for other browsers too. browser’s which don’t support Desktop Notification ( Currently only Chrome support it ) , will show notification inside browser window.

You can find sound and message notification setting button in your dashboard, beside Current Active Visitors. Look to the right of where it says current active visitors and you will see a new button called notifications, go there and choose your settings, turn your speakers on and wait!


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