Hitsniffer New look

newyearWe wish you all a very happy new year!

We have freshened up your dashboard and all sections within Hitsniffer.

Hitsniffer now has a whole new look.

We have had our classic look for more than two years now and during this time we added lot of new features to Hitsniffer. The Classic look could not show a lot of the new features in a organized way. The new look has been designed to display all of the new features in a clean and organized manner.

The new layout is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Surface Tablets and is more user-friendly on iPad and Android Tablets.

If you do not like change then you can always switch back to the classic look at any time by using your settings to switch but please be aware that we will stop supporting the classical look soon.

To see the new dashboard, just login and have a look around!


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