Say Hi to Heatmaps!

Hitsniffer Heatmap

Well, we have finally finished it!

Today we are introducing our most requested feature from our customers, Heatmaps!
We can now, monitor every single click that your visitors make on your sites, not just page views. We gather X,Y point of all clicks and we have added some other magic that will formulate a Heatmap in real time. Our Heatmaps work on both responsive and classic websites.

With Heatmap we have enabled a search feature using time, date and range.. This will enable you to search the specific date ranges that you need to compare to any changes that you have made to your site. This is especially important to sites that sell or perhaps have calls to action such as click here or download this or that.
To use Heatmaps, you’ll need an additional license to activate it. We have given all customers a free 7 days trial to use Heatmaps starting from today. heatmap is provided as an add-on to your current service.

To access your Heatmaps, click on Pages, then you can access the Heatmap button for every individual pages you see in different lists ( Popular pages, top exit, top entry, … )

Stay tuned for more features!
All the best form us geeks at Hitsniffer!

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