Change To Our Pricing License Plans

August 17th, 2011

We thought that we should let you all know that we will be increasing our prices for our services, bad news we know! However we have no choice in this as the US Dollar has lost so much of it’s value that we must do this.

This is the first time that Hitsniffer has raised prices since we launched our service. License pricing has to increase due to the weak position of the US Dollar. We would advise that you purchase a longer period than the standard one month plan to avoid the increases.

We have many clients who are from many, many different countries that do not use the US Dollar as their main currency. Yet we set the initial currency as the dollar as it is understood worldwide. We cannot predict the world wide financial markets and the reduction in the vale of $1 and so we have choices to make this end.

First choice is do we switch currency, to say pounds sterling? The answer to that is a resounding no at the moment, but we may have to charge in £ in the future.

Second choice is do we raise license fees? This has to be the answer in the short term for our company. We do not want to increase the monthly license fees at all but the value of the dollar when converted to pounds £ is a huge concern for us as it effects every part of our business since we are a company based in Great Britain.

From September 1st 2011 we will be increasing all license fees by circa two dollars per month. This will apply pro rata for each license plan. Please click here to see new pricing.

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Multi-User Access and Chat Operators

August 5th, 2011

We have released yet another new feature, multi user section has been  redesigned to allow you to limit the access of specified users to specified sites.

You can control which users can start a chat with your visitors and also you can also upload a custom avatar for each user which will show in all chat sessions.

Every chat with your site visitors will now store in that visitor’s profile. You can access it using the chat history button in the visitors detail page.

Hitsniffer will generate a unique API key for each user, this will  increase your account’s main API key security.

Enjoy having things under your control.

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Detailed Information For Each Website Visitor

July 22nd, 2011

detailed visitors analysisWe have rolled out our new layout for the visitor details page, making it smoother and easier to read.

A returning visits count has been added to each visitors profile.

A date range selector has also been added to this page, so that you can go back in time and see which pages has been viewed by specific visitor.

We have introduced a new pinging system which will give even more accurate data.

You can easily start a chat with your visitors or lookup their IP or Organization.

Chat history will be available to you very soon.

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Geo Location Online Visitor’s Map Clustering

July 21st, 2011

Visitor's Geo Map Clustering

We have added map clustering  on your visitor’s map now, It also increases the  render speed on your browser. If you want to disable it and go back to old geo locationing system then we will have a new preferences section to configure it, soon.

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How to Get New Visitors Audible Notification?

July 21st, 2011

audible and message notification of new visitorsHit Sniffer’s Audible Notification is ready!

We have now added yet another new feature at the request of our clients. You can now set your dashboard to provide an audible notification to alert you when a new visitor arrives on your site. The current audible notification covers all pages on your site, however we will be working to tailor this so that you can set it just for conversion/sales pages.

In Additional, you could only get notification messages on your desktop on Google Chrome browser only, we have added notification message support for other browsers too. browser’s which don’t support Desktop Notification ( Currently only Chrome support it ) , will show notification inside browser window.

You can find sound and message notification setting button in your dashboard, beside Current Active Visitors. Look to the right of where it says current active visitors and you will see a new button called notifications, go there and choose your settings, turn your speakers on and wait!


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New Features. Visitor Search, Improved Chat and New Graphs.

June 30th, 2011

We have added a few new features. You can now search the full archive of previous visitors to your site. We have added enhanced graphs that can be saved as an image, PDF or printed.

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