Hitsniffer Real Time Website Statistics Server Migration

June 17th, 2011

We have successfully moved to a new powerful server. Our technical team spent uncountable hours day and night installing, configuring and optimizing the new server for the best possible performance. As with any move of this size it never runs smoothly and no matter how well you plan the migration something always pops up to ruin your day!

The migration is now complete and we have roughly ten times the power that our old servers had.

What are we working on now?

We are configuring a set of language packs so that you will be able to view the site in the language of your choice.
We have a few new features that we are testing and more will be revealed once we iron out any bugs that we may find.
An update for Drupal 7 is being written.

We hope that you continue to use Hitsniffer real time website statistics.

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We Are Moving To A New Super Server

May 26th, 2011

The hitsniffer team is preparing a new and more powerful server which will provide ten times the speed and power that we have just now. Within the next 7 days we will move our service to this server. Read More »

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Hitsniffer Now Has A Firefox Extension

March 22nd, 2011

While world celebrate new version of popular internet browser, Firefox 4 , we are also celebrating release of our Firefox Add-on.

Please try out our newly, fresh firefox extention and let us know if it also works correctly for you!

It Shows Your website Online users in status bar and Toolbar, Notify you if your users want to start a live chat with you ( Live Support ). Easy Integration using Your Website’s Hit Sniffer API code.

You nead at least firefox v3.5 to install it.

Get it!

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Receive Notifications On Every Visitor

March 21st, 2011

Notice: This article is old, new audible new visitor notification feature has been added to hitsniffer. Please read this article instead.

If you have few visitors a day, hitsniffer live dashboard might seems boring to you.
You can use our desktop notification feature to get notification of every single visitors who visit your website.

Currently only Google Chrome support Desktop Notification and Google is working on plan to bring it to other browsers in future.
Just Label them using following method:

To use Visitor Label feature, Open your Dashboard, on top right, click on Visitors Label.

Click on Create New Label.
Name new label everything you want, we named it “Visitor Came!”. Triggered when a visitor come from url, address not contain your domain name.
This is to make sure it will only label hits from new visitors, not those who click on internal links.
Otherwise it would issue new notification for every single pageview! which is a pain.
You can assign a color to label.
Now, You must Check “Show Desktop Notification”, so it show you notification when Chrome Browser is open and you have dashboard open in it.
Don’t Check Email box as it will flood your mailbox with a lot of notifications.
Click on Create Label button.

You will have Notifications looking like this:


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What is happening inside hitsniffer?

March 21st, 2011

Hi, after one very busy week and the recent problems with hitsniffer, we are pleased to announce new features and bug fixes.

We are always listening to your suggestions, please let us know if you would like to suggest a new feature for hitsniffer.

Easily Detect New and Returning Visitors via the Geo Location Map.

We have developed new geolocation map, using Google Map service. New visitors show as a Yellow icon and returning visitors show as a blue icon.
Our database can accurately display your visitors location to within 500 metres.

Hit Sniffer Live Chat Service

Have you ever started a conversation with a site visitor? But never got reply? We have now integrated an Idle detector into hitsniffer. By using this feature, hitsniffer will hide the chat icon for those site visitors who are idle.

We have also upgraded hit sniffer live support chat core using AJAX to enable a faster and smoother chat experience.


Gauge activity Meter

New Gauge Meter show your website’s current status according to it’s highest traffic in the last 30 days.

W have a new activity monitor widget in the hitsniffer dashboard, so that you can also see how many users are Idle. Idle users are identified by web page scrolling and mouse movement when the hitsniffer code is installed.
There is also an activity detector, which shows the percentages of visitor activity from when you opened your dashboard.

Ticketing System

Now, you will receive a ticket number every time you contact us. We can now give you a better level of support and fix your problems. You can also read and follow the ticket online.

New WordPress, Joomla, Opera and iGoogle widget

We have updated all of our widgets to a more modern widget format. You can now have a mini dashboard running on your desktop or sidebar.



Notable Bug Fixes

We are applying many updates weekly and even daily as we want you to enjoy Hitsniffer.

12-day chart display padding fixed in hitsniffer dashboard, it is now clearly readable. we have updated the colors too!

Current Active Visitors is portable screen resolution friendly. Now, we crop your referrer, or page title if they are too long to avoid a nasty looking dashboard. It is smoother and fun to browse hitsniffer using your portable iPad Tablet or iPhone. Modern phones which have Android are now fully compatible with Hitsniffer, iOS or Windows Mobile ( or at least Opera Browser ) can open hitsniffer dashboard perfectly.

Backup and Optimization we have setup powerful backup systems of both database and hard drives to avoid system outage again. as you remember, we had very bad outage on the 7th March which caused hitsniffer to go out of service. We deal with a UK based backup company, CeeJay CrashPlan to avoid such failures in the future.


Stay tuned as we are still working … ( In fact, we never stop developing hitsniffer )

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Cannot Login to your hitsniffer account?

March 18th, 2011


unfortunately, as you are aware, we got problems on hitsniffer at 7th March 2011. Then lost database and only restorable back was from 3rd December 2010.
We had no choice other than using that backup. so if you are a hitsniffer customer after 3rd December 2010, it is likely that system does not allow you to login.

so, What do you do?

Please register again. add your websites and configure your plugin or tracking code with new API Key. Then Email us to get back your license, plus one month free 😉

What we have done on our side to avoid this problem in future?

We have started backup process to different locations. this way we have most recent data in various locations, so we can guarantee that, we will never lose data again.

If you are a member after 7th March 2011, and you cannot login to your hitsniffer account, you can easily get new password to login using Forget My Password button in login page.

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