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Hit Sniffer Frequently Asked Questions


What features Hit Sniffer Offer?

Hit Sniffer's main feature is as a real time visitor activity tracking system, where you can see your visitors in real time by viewing the Hit Sniffer dashboard. For a full list of our features , please take a look!

How do I use Hit Sniffer on my site?

Once you have registered and added your website, Hit Sniffer will give you a tracking code and a Hit Sniffer API code. If your website is developed using Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, You can get the Hit Sniffer Plugin for them and paste the Hit Sniffer API code. The plugin will do all of the work. If your website was not developed usaing any of the above scripts, you will have to get the tracking Code and paste it above your Footer </body> tag. most new websites have a footer template where you can add the code there.

How can I see my Statistics?

Once you added Tracking code or Hit Sniffer API Code and Hit Sniffer started receiving visitor data from your website, It will log and store all information. You can view your stats by opening your Hit Sniffer dashboard. You need to login to Hit Sniffer before being able to see your dashboard. We also developed some widgets, gadgets and applications in order to help you view a quick overview without opening the dashboard. Please click here to see them.

How much Hit Sniffer costs?

We offer a free seven day trial period, then you need to purchase an appropriate plan starting from $5.99 to continue using Hit Sniffer service. Your account can have Starter, Basic, Deluxe, Pro, Super Pro and Ultimate Licenses. You need to get one of them based on your monthly pageviews, number of sites you have added to track and features you need. You can see a full table of information about the plans here. ( you need to login )

How do I remove my account?

Open Accounts page, click on disable my account on Hit Sniffer. This will completely disable your account, the site will not be tracked and you will not receive your daily, weekly or monthly hit email reports. Your account will be completely removed after 3 months of inactivity in disabled mode.

How do I enable my account after I have disabled it?

Open Accounts page, Please enter your email and password in login form and procceed with activation email.

How do I remove a website from my account?

Open My Sites page, Click on Setting button of your website ( the one you want to delete ). When setting page loaded, look at bottom right of the page. You can see a delete button with red text on it. Please be aware that this action is not undoable.


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