Why tracking visitors is important?

Since websites first appeared in internet, people have analysed what was happening on their own their sites. It started with simple counters on personal pages to track the number of visitors, just number counters. Now we have sophisticated software that can tag and compare site visitors so you know exactly what they’re doing on your site.

nowadays we’re back to the tried and true strategies for real people running real businesses online. Analysing your traffic has assumed a new importance. In fact, stats are the essential tool to measure and manage a business or a website successfully.

You do get some business from the site, but it could be better but it could be better with having right contents in your page.

How do you know, you need to change your content? Without actual data and solid information it’s all guesswork. Try this – oh that didn’t work. Try that – I got more orders. Good! Let’s put this on the site – oh dear the sign-ups went down.

You have an idea why, but you aren’t really sure. You need to know.

It’s not so much what you have, but what you can do with it. You need to work out what your objectives are and what metrics you need. Knowing what you want to achieve, who your visitors are likely to be, and what their objectives are will lead you in the right direction.

The first number you need to know is how many people are coming to your site. The next important stat is ‘where did they come from?’ In most programs this is the referrer report. You want to know which search engines are sending you traffic and which other websites have a link that sends people to your site.

You also need to know what search terms brought traffic to you. Look for a ‘search terms’ section for this information. Search phrases are more helpful than search words.

When you have a report that tells you what search terms are producing the highest rate of traffic from search engines, you can adjust your keywords and your content so that you get more and more visitors coming in on those terms. You need also track which keywords are producing the highest number of visitors reaching your goal pages and taking that all important revenue producing click.

what they actually do once they are on the website. Behaviour has always been considered the best way to predict future actions, Finding a software program that can actively track your visitor’s click path on the site is the only way to do this.

A visitor or buyer who repeats their behaviour is more likely to continue repeating it, meaning their future value to your business is high.

Once you know data like this, you can do user testing to find the bugs in the website content and rectify it.

Learning about your visitors and using this information as a guide is the best way to make sound marketing decisions. It directs how to generate the right content and dramatically increases results from your website. No matter what web stats software you use, it can’t help you if you don’t review it on a regular basis. Make it a habit to start doing so.

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