Hitsniffer Is Now Compatible With Joomla 3

badge_largeJoomla 3 is the new mobile-ready, user-friendly content manager. It allows you to choose from thousands of features and designs and it is open source, which of course means that it is free.

Recently, Joomla lauched version 3 of their software which severely affected the compatibility with our Hitsniffer Joomla plugin. Joomla have improved their interface, however they also changed and removed a lot of classes and functions on their back-end code.

We released a basic tracking plugin for Joomla 3 at time of its release, this allowed our upgraded customers to continue tracking with Joomla. We have now upgraded the Hitsniffer plugin to fully support Joomla 3 utilizing all of the features of Hitsniffer.

As per the previous Hitsniffer plugin for Joomla we have included a module that allows you to see your statistics on the dashboard when you login to Joomla administration panel. Our widget has the option to show your stats publicly on your website and live chat module.

We also fixed a bug that was causing the public statistic widget to show blank numbers to some visitors in new Joomla plugin.

Click here to download and learn how to install it on your joomla.


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