WordPress Plugin New Features From Hitsniffer

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Have you ever wondered if there is a way to completely un-track yourself from your own website?

We know that this causes confusion when viewing stats and somethimes makes them inaccurate for some users.

If you think that our current IP blocker and Cookie method is not enough; say, if your browser continuously deletes those cookies and your IP address keeps changing, then worry no more as we have a solution!

We have added updated alogorithms in our new version of our WordPress plugin where you can enable it in your hitsniffer settings using your WordPress admin page. By utilising this feature it will trigger a cookie to be set every single time that you open your WordPress Dashboard page therefore, there is always a cookie set to block your own visits, even if you delete cookies regularly, ours will still be there.

We have added a further few changes to our WordPress plugin which will not be apparent to end users but developers will welcome these updates.

Hitsniffer’s WordPress plugin now uses WordPress multi language .po and .mo files. A such you can now have all of the menu and pages in WordPress translated to your own or client language.

Stay tuned as there is plenty more to come 🙂

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